Nurse Ashley Jayne catches you looking up her skirt

You’ve gone in for a routine blood test and nurse Ashley Jayne has just taken your blood and t old you to sit down and relax for a while just in case you start to get a bit dizzy. As she’s cleaning the room she bends over and you couldn’t help but notice how short her skirt was and the sexy pink laced panties she was wearing. You cock suddenly goes as stiff as a board.

Ashley catches you looking up her skirt and straight away notices the bulge in your pants but rather than freak her out she finds it a massive turn on. She tells you that she can seethe bulge in your pants and it’s OK if you want to you know… have a wank and relieve yourself, she really doesn’t mind. You’re a bit embarrassed but you’re so horny and she did say it was OK so you get your cock out from your pants, it’s so stiff and looking at Ashley you start stroking yourself. Not to fast because you don’t want to come prematurely.

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Ashley is really getting in to it, she’s fascinated by male masturbation and how cocks get really hard. She offers you some more wank encouragement by sliding up her tiny skirt and opening her legs. Through her laced panties you can make out her pussy slit. She rubs herself through her panties and you can see how wet and turned on she is. Your cock quickly tightens up and you feel yourself about to cum. You start fapping fast and all of a sudden you’re spunking up all over the floor leaving a right mess. Ashley watches in amazement and tells you that she can’t believe how much cum your balls have just made!

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