Gymnast Mali Myers pulls her panties down and does a cartwheel outdoors

If you’re turned on by sporty and flexible girls then you’ll love ex gymnast Mali Myers. Mali¬† is a gorgeous teen wit a fantastic booty on her with the added bonus of being a gymnast which means she’s flexible. As you can see from the pics she also isn’t a shy girl.

She’s wearing a summer skirt and blouse with blue panties but don;t worry about the panties too much because she takes them off within minutes of the shoot. She’s the kind of girl that loves the attention, loves men looking at her pussy and loves to see guys get hard for her.

Asked what she used to do she showed us rather than told. With no panties on she done a cartwheel and as she did you can guess what happened. Her skirt lifted or fell – whatever – and you can see her beautiful shaved pussy and sexy booty. She likes it though, you could see how excited she got because she kept on doing it up and down the garden. She loved the feeling of freedom, the feeling of the fresh summer air blowing her sensitive pussy. I don’t blame her though, if I had a pussy and body as smooth and sexy as that I’d do the same. Unfortunately,¬† I’m old, fat and hairy and have a cock.

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